The sign on the door said "Freelance Writer For Hire", so I went in.
"What do you want?" he asked. "Content articles" I answered. " I can do that" he replied. "I want them keyword rich" I said. He shrugged, "No problem." "And I want blog posts, a series, keyword specific topics" I challenged. Again he shrugged, "What else?" "What about How-to articles, on my topics, can you do that?" I asked. "Sure, long, short, pics, no pics, resource references too if you want them" he shot back. "How much?" I asked. "All you got" he demanded.

You came in too, what are you looking for?

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Prices and Productivity

Prices, Productivity and Ownership.

     I do not work with a "standard" price list. Article and writing tasks  are priced on a multitude of criteria. I much prefer to know what the task is worth to you before I commit to a price. For an indication of potential cost you can see my list of content for sale on Constant Content.

 Time-lines and Deadlines.

     One article, one a week, or five-a-day, I am used to working with deadlines and schedules.

 Copyright Ownership.

     All articles and writing assignments are generally sold with unique usage rights only, but  Full Rights copy may available.

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